Yellowstone Dutton Family Funko Pops Are On trade Now

Taylor Sheridan's Yellowstone is the biggest show on string television right now, so it's high time that Funko gave the Dutton family the Pop figure treatment.

 It all starts moment with a big surge of Yellowstone Funko Pops that include John Dutton, Beth Dutton, Kayce Dutton, Monica Dutton, and Rip Wheeler in the commons lineup.

Indeed, the Duttons are moving from a estate in Montana to a shelf in your bedroom, and you can get yourpre-orders in via the linksbelow.

However, note that US shipping is free on orders of$ 59 with a 10 reduction on in- stock particulars using our exclusive link, If you go with Entertainment Earth.

The Yellowstone Funko Pops come at a stressful time for suckers of the series with reports of issues with star Kevin Costner and the possibility of the current replication of the show ending with Season 5.

Recent reports indicatg thatco-creator and showrunner Taylor Sheridan is reportedly working with the Paramount Network, as well as Paramount Global, to end the series, and latterly launch a new extension of the ballot that would continue its narrative. 

The report hints that Matthew McConaughey is in accommodations to star in the implicit new series as a presently-unknown character, with" several of the big stars" of Yellowstone bruited to join him. 

Nothing about that has been officially verified, but the report indicated that the decision is being considered due to an issue with firing listed involving Kevin Costner, who stars as John Dutton.