Why Won't '1923' Tell Us Who John Dutton's Grandfather Is?

Fathers! The age-old Dutton dilemma. No matter where you're in the Yellowstone macrocosm — be it 1883, 1923, or the present day — you can go some Dutton family member is going to have a confusing relationship with their father. 

 It's what makes collecting the definitive Dutton Family Tree ™ such a brain- wringing task — and the recent derivatives have only complicated the generational lineage.

Sam Elliott's Shea Brennan in 1883? Not indeed a Dutton! James Badge Dale's John DuttonSr. in 1923? Do not indeed get me started.

 I allowed he was John Dutton's forefather up until he was boggled in Episode Three! Now, the Dutton family heritage has each been thrust into chaos. Again.

Though 1923's season homestretch left numerous of our characters with precarious suspensers, one of the largest mystifications yet to be revealed is how the family lineage makes it way down to Kevin Costner's John Dutton in the flagship Yellowstone series.

We clearly have our propositions, but it's still anyone's game. As we stay for 1923 Season Two — or conceivably 1940s and 1960s derivatives, who knows — let's break down just how this Dutton family madness could get sorted out.

The season homestretch's stunner of Elizabeth Strafford's confinement surely threw a wrench in a implicitmid-series lineage reveal. 

There is still a chance that Elizabeth and Jack Dutton try to have a child again in Season Two, give birth to John Dutton II, and name him after the departed John Dutton Sr. I would say it's a enough likely event if your office has a Dutton pool, but I must also advise that it's not a total shindig.