The Taylor Swift Cleaning Cart Theory Was Just Confirmed by a Fan Video and I'm Not Okay

Kay, so you know the proposition( of course you do) that Taylor Swift has been using a cleaning force wain to enter the arena on her Ages stint?

Yeah, well there's now concrete evidence thanks to a addict videotape making the rounds on TikTok, Instagram, Twitter, several thousand group exchanges, you name it.

Just so we are each on the same runner, the cleaning force wain proposition started a many days ago

And now, there is a full videotape of Taylor's exit from the cleaning wain and it's all just incredibly iconic.

Also, just going to put this then because nay words

As numerous have refocused out, this cleaning wain moment does indicate the veracity of former rumors that Taylor Swift gets carried around in a giant wallet. Quick memorial on that whole iconic thing

The Taylor Swift in a wallet ™ scuttlebutt started when a print agency released a picture of several men carrying a truly massive wallet that said agency casually noted held Taylor.

Obviously, no bone could handle this information, the internet melted down, and the agency ended up renouncing their claim but it was too late. Taylor Swift in a Suitcase ™ incontinently came an civiclegend.and grew indeed more important when Zayn Malik aimlessly verified to Voguemid-interview that Tay was, indeed," traveling around in a wallet."