Taylor Sheridan on the End of ‘ Yellowstone ’ — ‘ I Know How It Ends. I ’m Writing to That Ending ’

Yellowstone has now completed Season 5 and the state of the cast and season 6 may be in flux.

Indeed if they can get Kevin Costner back, how much longer will the series go after that?

According to creator Taylor Sheridan, he formerly knows how Yellowstone ends. And, he’s “ jotting to that ending. ”

The ‘ Yellowstone ’ creator has suggested the series will end after season 6

Yellowstone has told the story of sixth- generation horsewoman John Dutton( Kevin Costner) and his Montana cattle estate.

He’s been fighting to keep his land in the family, despite multitudinous conflicts with the Broken gemstone Indian Reservation and multitudinous land inventors.

While speaking to Deadline ahead of season 4, Sheridan explained that he could continue the Dutton plot for another two seasons. 

 But, this isn't the kind of show that could go on indefinitely.