Matt Damon Is fully ‘ Mystified ’ That ‘ Yellowstone ’ Star Cole Hauser Is n’t a ‘ Giant Movie Star ’

Yellowstone suckers have come to know and love Cole Hauser for his compelling depiction of Rip Wheeler, yet Matt Damon believes the rest of Hollywood is n’t taking notice.

In a recent podcast with his good friend Ben Affleck, Damon revealed that he's fully “ mystified ” that Hauser has yet to come a big movie star, a statement Yellowstone suckers can clearly get before!

Matt Damon believes Cole Hauser should be a “ Giant Movie Star ”

presently, in its fifth season, Yellowstone has snappily come one of TV’s hottest shows. 

While there are plenitude of effects to like about the series, Rip’s relationship with Beth Dutton( Kelly Reilly) is fluently one of the highlights.

During an appearance on The Bill Simmons Podcast, Affleck and Damon bandied the fashionability of Yellowstone and what makes Hauser’s character so compelling.

For Affleck, it was his woman , Jennifer Lopez, who got him into the series.

“( Lopez is) really drawn to the love between Cole Hauser and the woman who plays his woman , ” Affleck participated.