Lea Michele Says She Ran Home to Hug Sick Son Between Broadway Performances' Quick But Worth It'

The Funny Girl star suggested her 2- time-old son Ever Leo had returned to the sanitarium before in the day, just weeks after he was first rehabilitated due to a" scary health issue"

Lea Michele performed a two show day on Wednesday, but still made time to visit her 2- time-old son Ever Leo amid news his ongoing health issue.

The Funny Girl actress, who's starring as Fanny Brice until September, revealed that she" ran home" to clinch Ever between the matinee and evening performances of the accredited Broadway reanimation.

" Ran to give my baby a clinch at home in between shows. It was quick but worth it. ❤️," wrote Michele, 36, alongside a touching print of herself embracing her little boy on her Instagram Story.

videotape of Michele performing on stage Wednesday was also participated by the Funny Girl's sanctioned Instagram account.

In the clip, posted to their Instagram Story, Michele and her cast members sang together, lined up on stage for the curtain call.

Michele's appearance Wednesday comes after she suggested before in the day that her son had been rehabilitated again, just weeks after he was taken to the sanitarium due to a" scary health issue".

participating an update on her son's health, she wrote alongside a picture of Ever," moment was a hard day. As parents, we've to be strong for our kiddies. But occasionally you just want to break down and cry,"