Kevin Costner's' Yellowstone' Costars Have Zero Clue About His Future on the Show

There is been a lot of extremely dramatic reporting about Kevin Costner's future on Yellowstone, and supposedly his costars are just as confused as the rest of us. 

Speaking to Us Weekly at PaleyFest, actor Mo Brings plenitude( who plays Mo) said “ I actually have no answers.

I do n’t indeed know what’s going on and I just stay in my own lane. 

I've a great deal of respect for Kevin and who he's and what he does and everyone differently. And so I just mind my own business. ”

Wendy Moniz( who plays Lynelle Perry) also told the outlet “ I do n’t know. 

I've no news to report about it. We ’re all just, you know, chancing out what everyone differently is chancing out as it’s going." 

 She added that Kevin Costner is “ veritably cooperative, really professional. And just a pleasure. ”

Meanwhile, Dawn Olivieri( who plays Sarah Atwood) echoed her costars commentary, saying “ I hope in my heart I get to work with( Costner) before whatever happens, happens. I do n’t know what’s gon na be.