Keanu Reeves ’ First Role Following ‘ John Wick 4 ’ Has Been Revealed

After adding his name to the list of all- time great action movie icons with the John Wick ballot, Keanu Reeves is beginning to collude up the future of his career.

According to reports, Reeves is set to start alongside Jonah Hill in the AppleTV film outgrowth, which he ’ll also be directing.

The Hollywood journalist says that Reeves will be portraying a character name Reef, who's a “ damaged Hollywood star that must dive into the dark depths of his history to defy his demons and make amends after he's wrested with a mysterious videotape clip from his history. ”

While it was formerly verified last fall that Reeves would be starring in Hill’s coming film, the nature of his part and where the design will land were just blazoned.

outgrowth will clearly represent the biggest commanding job of Hill’s career therefore far, as he former piloted the indie drama Mid90s and the talkie Stutz.

The deal finds a home for Outcome, which hit the city as a hot package reverse in November. 

The design was picked up in a competitive situation but the length of time closing a deal shows how tight the current request is for high- priced packages, indeed bones with high- list gift. 

 Filmmakers, stars and their agencies are chancing out that buyers are being more choosy, and more strict, when it comes to buying.