Hugh Jackman confirms results of cancer tests in new update

Hugh Jackman has taken to social media to offer suckers an update after revealing before this week that he was formerly again witnessing tests for skin cancer.

The 54- time-old has had multitudinous skirmishes with the complaint in the history, having first been diagnosed with skin cancer in 2013.

On Tuesday, we reported that the actor had endured commodity of a dread as he verified he'd experienced two necropsies and was awaiting test results.

The Wolverine star, seen wearing a girth on his nose in his Instagram post, said croakers had noticed “ little effects which could be, or couldn't be rudimentary cell( lymphomas ) ”.

In his post, Jackman told his suckers that the cancer is the “ least dangerous ”, but reminded them to always take the necessary preventives where the sun is involved.

“ Please wear sunscreen, it's just not worth it, no matter how important you want a tan. Trust me! ” he said.

“ This is all stuff that happed 25 times agone and it’s coming out now. Put some sunscreen on and you ’ll still have an inconceivable time out there. Please be safe. ”

Jackman took to Instagram again history to talk about his recent dread, offering a positive update that will have suckers far and wide breathing a shriek of relief.