Everything We Know About Season 2 of ‘ 1923 ’

WHILE THE future was kindly vague for that other Yellowstone prequel series, 1883 which saw Dutton primogenitor James Dutton cross the Oregon trail to steal( er, settle) the Yellowstone, a series of events that at first led to talk of Season 2 and also soon after lead to nothing — 1923 is, in fact, riding into electric fustiness with a alternate season.

The final occasion of the first season hit Paramount on February 26

 The streaming network, still, had formerly renewed the season weeks before, a decision that had been anticipated for some months.

1923 Season 2 will reportedly run for another eight occurrences — probably releasing in a analogous pattern, with occurrences raising daily.

The decision to renew is a no- brainer for what's fluently the most popular fictionalized family on television/ streaming. 

The 1923 airman was Paramount’s most watched premiere in its streaming history, gorging up7.4 million views.

With Yellowstone bruited to be belting effects up( maybe amidst some cast drama), creator Taylor Sheridan is expanding the Dutton- verse in other directions, including a concurrent series about the 6666 estate, as well as a couple bruited prequels; late last time, Deadline reported on the creator’s apparent plans to write two limited series, fastening on the Dutton family’s estate straits of the 1940s and 1960s.

That means 1923 will probably stay within its nominal decade, taking the estate drama latterly into the 20s, maybe into the Great Depression — an event formerly gestured in Season 1.