Emma Stone Once Shared How Jennifer Lawrence Inspired Her to Do ‘ The Amazing Spider- Man ’

Emma Stone was n’t fully sure she was ready to come a part of a new blockbuster Spider- Man ballot.

While wrestling with her decision, she set up alleviation from her good friend and confidant Jennifer Lawrence.

Emma Stone started her fellowship with Jennifer Lawrence with a textbook

Stone and Lawrence firstly came together through a collective familiarity. Both actors were musketeers with movie star Woody Harrelson.

 Stone would ultimately ask her Zombielandco-star for Lawrence’s phone number. ultimately, Stone reached out to Lawrence through a textbook,

The two would communicate with each other constantly through textbook dispatches before eventually chancing the time in their busy schedules to meet in person.

“ I feel like it was our interpretation of The Tablet — 365 textbooks, ” Lawrence joked.

After the brace met, they managed to forge a close fellowship that’s lasted to this day. The Hunger Games star explained what clicked the two together.