Danny & Baez Are About to Heat Up on ‘Blue Bloods’

“ When I show up to work, I generally make an advertisement of how lucky we're doing a show as cherished as Blue Bloods, ” Donnie Wahlberg says. Is this joe for real? Yes. Yes, he is.

For the 53- time-old musician- actor- patron, making people happy and having fun doing it are life pretensions.

No wonder his suckers follow him through every turn in his career.

They attend his New kiddies on the Block musicales and Blockhead addict conventions( the coming is in Chicago over Memorial Day Weekend), and they spend their Friday nights with CBS ’ long- running Blue Bloods, and Wahlberg’sDet. Danny Reagan and his family.

television Bigwig spoke with Wahlberg about his make- ’em- laugh approach to the job — as well as a game- changing occasion for Danny and his mate,Det. 

Maria Baez( Marisa Ramirez), his real- life relationship with on- screen pater Tom Selleck, and an forthcoming( kind of) MagnumP.I. reunion.

From what I ’ve observed on the set over the times and your numerous social media bulletins, you're always so upbeat.

Donnie Wahlberg Well, I ’m 53 and I would say it’s presumably times of practice and trial and error and understanding.