Brooke Shields' 'Pretty Baby' documentary: 7 wildest revelations

Brooke Shields has been in Hollywood since before she could walk, appearing in her first commercial for Ivory Soap at 11 months old.

Now, the 57- time-old is participating the secrets about her life and career in her Hulu talkie," Enough Baby Brooke Shields."

Leading up to the talkie's release, Shields did not hold back. She spoke about everything from her sexualized places in" Enough Baby" and" Blue Lagoon," to her mama ’s emotional abuse and drunkenness, to her own rocky love life.

Shields has bandied being sexualized at a youthful age due to places like" Enough Baby" and" Blue Lagoon."

In" Enough Baby" – which her talkie title references – Shield portrayed a 12- time-old girl being raised in a cathouse who ultimately made her way into harlotry.

In" Blue Lagoon," Shields played a teenager stranded on an islet with herco-star, Christopher Atkins, where they shot raw scenes. Shields was just 14 times old when she mugged the movie while herco-star was 18.

The same time she shot" Blue Lagoon," she also came the youthful person to cover Vogue magazine.

When the actress was 15, she famously starred in the now- iconic 1980 Calvin Klein jeans announcement crusade in which her tagline was" You want to know what comes between me and my Calvins? Nothing."