Blue Beetle Is Facing Backlash From Comic Book suckers( & It's All About El Paso)

ridiculous book suckers are notoriously hard to please, but when a big part of a character's origin story gets switched up for a movie adaption, it's hard to differ with their choice to cry foul.

 In the case of DC Studio's forthcoming adaptation of the facetious" Blue Beetle," suckers watching the film's first caravan noticed commodity astounding; Jaime Reyes(" Cobra Kai" star Xolo Maridueña) suddenly hails from the fictional city of Palmera City rather of El Paso, Texas, the character's ridiculous book point of origin.

That is supposedly an purposeful choice that was made by the movie's creative platoon, per director Ángel Manuel Soto, who explained their decision- making process during a press conference attended

The choice to give Jamie and his family their own unique megacity was an attempt at establishing him as an important idol on the position of Batman and Superman, who obviously each hail from fictional( and hand) cosmopolises."

 In service of situating Blue Beetle as a implicit leader in the DCU, Palmera City came to life. Thanks to Palmera City and the bigger world erecting around it, that is what got us the theatrical( release)," said Soto.

Unfortunately, a number of bones-hard Blue Beetle suckers do not see it that way." 

The Blue Beetle movie is not set in El Paso. It's not indeed a DC- ified El Paso. They could not just let us keep our idol," said@Coolluck.

suckers Are Not Interested In Visiting Palmera City