American Idol 2023 What is going on with Katy Perry and the rivals of Season 21?

Although Katy Perry is one of American Idol's most iconic judges, suckers haven't been veritably probative of her in season 21.

Then, check out what she's being indicted of and what is going on with the rivals.

Since season 21 of American Idol began, the only womanish judge on the panel has been under heavy review from observers.

Katy Perry has been the target of haters for a while now, especially after witnessing the contestation with former competitor Sara Beth Liebe.

The 25- time-old artist dropped out of the competition after her performance at Hollywood Week and numerous suckers claimed that it had commodity to do with some of the Teenage Dream songster's stations.

 still, Liebe has claimed that her decision had to do with being down from her family because of the show.

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