Lifestyle of people of Kashmir state

Kashmir tourism offers you a unique opportunity to get a glimpse of the lifestyle of the people of the state of Jammu and Kashmir. Touring and traveling in this region gives you an opportunity to be a part of the quite, peaceful and rustic lifestyle of these people. .

There are several tribes found throughout the Kashmir region who follow different religions, from Hinduism and Islam to Buddhism. But there is one thing that binds all these people together and that is simplicity.

The general lifestyle of people is simple and not so fast. Celebrations and festive activities during festivals provide an important diversion in the simple and monotonous lifestyle of these people.

The festivals are celebrated with great enthusiasm. These include Eid-ul-Fitr, Diwali, Hemis festival, Navratri and Loshar festival.

Tours and travel in the state of Kashmir gives you an opportunity to witness the secular Indian tradition where people of different religions celebrate their colorful festivals with enthusiasm and enthusiasm.

Homes in this area usually have a lot of woodwork; As a result the interior is very hot. The brick houses have pagoda roofs and picturesque facades.

The lifestyle of the locals in the old city is quite slow. Waterways and hunting are the best way to get inside the old city. Women are very adventurous.

They sell food, flowers and handicrafts in their floating markets. Kashmiris use willow baskets to carry essential items from one place to another.

There are many open markets in the old city. Tourists visiting here enjoy buying all the traditional Kashmiri spices and food.

Tours and travel in the state of Kashmir also tempt you to shop in the open air markets in the old city where you can find all the traditional items used in the kitchens of these common people.

Kashmir is very popular for its specially brewed tea traditionally known as Kahwa. Yak milk is given special importance in certain areas of Ladakh.

It is used to make butter which has a very high fat content. It is considered the best gift that one family can give to another.

People living in the hinterlands of Ladakh live a simple life and the surrounding monasteries have a lot of influence on their lives. As far as clothing is concerned, the firan is the most commonly worn garment.

It is usually made of wool and is heavily embroidered. These gowns are embellished with colorful floral motifs and designs.

Culture of Jammu and Kashmir


Kashmir Tourism brings you details about houseboats which are a special tourist attraction for everyone visiting the state of Jammu and Kashmir. These houseboats have their own traditional appeal.

These houseboats are usually anchored on the shores of Dal Lake. Each houseboat is fully equipped and each houseboat has an attendant boy. These houseboats consist of small boats called Shikars that take tourists to the flower markets.

These houseboats are furnished in an elegant style, with carved furniture and woolen carpets with intricate work on them.

The British started the tradition of houseboats because the Kashmiri rulers barred them from owning land, so they had no choice but to build floating residences on the water.

Most of these houseboats have all the amenities of a five star hotel.

  1. These houseboats have spacious bedrooms, sun deck with modern amenities, washroom, electricity and plumbing etc.
  2. Houseboats are classified from Deluxe to D class depending on the availability of facilities and the budget of the tourists.
  3. One is truly transported to a different world while staying in a houseboat in Kashmir and shopping at the floating flower and handicraft markets.

Kashmir clothes

Kashmir tourism offers you a unique opportunity to understand the ways of the people of Kashmir especially in terms of their clothing. As far as clothing is concerned, the firan is the most commonly worn garment.

It is usually a gown made of wool and has a lot of embroidery work on it. These gowns are embellished with colorful floral motifs and designs.

Touring and traveling in scenic and beautiful Kashmir can be a special treat as most of the people on the streets are seen wearing traditional gowns or firans.

Both men and women find these firans easy and comfortable to wear as they are very warm and loose and can hold hot water bags or small clay pots with burning coals.

This arrangement helps these people stay warm in extremely cold climates. Kashmir is very popular for its pashmina shawls. This shawl is made from traditional woolen fabric.

This woolen textile is obtained from mountain goat. Intricate thread work has been done on this shawl. This shawl is worked on both sides. Kashmiri embroidery is called Kasida.

The specialty of kasida work is that it is done in such a way that the pattern appears equally on both sides of the fabric. Cashmere stalls are very popular.

Many Kashmiri women who practice Islam wear the abaya. Tours and travel in the Kashmir region usually entice tourists to shop.

Kashmiri women have a fetish for silver jewellery. Most Kashmiri women wear silver chains with heavy pendants and intricate work on them.

They wear heavy silver earnings. Traditional earrings are large, made of silver and usually available in bell-shaped variations. Men wear coats made of camel hair, cashmere and brocade.

Kashmir music and dance

Kashmir Tourism brings you information about the music and folk dances of Jammu and Kashmir. The themes of the folk songs range from the longing for reunion with one’s lover, the harsh mountain life and songs for festivals and other occasions.

The people of Ladakh have a rich tradition of dance, music and drama. For example, the mask dance performed by lamas at the Hemis Monastery, Ladakh, represents the Mahayana Buddhist tradition of the victory of good over evil during the Hemis festival.

Hafiza dance form is very popular. This dance is usually performed in wedding ceremonies. Another very popular Kashmiri dance form that is extremely popular is Bacha Nagma, which is performed by young boys during the harvest season.

Ruf and Woogi-Nachun are popular Kashmiri folk dances. Raul and Dogri are popular folk dances performed by Kashmiri women. The most popular Kashmiri folk music is known as Rabab.

Dukra, sitar and nagara are popular musical instruments. As far as musical forms are concerned in Kashmir there are three distinct forms viz. Sufi, ghazal and choral music.

Wanwoon is another form of music that is sung and played during wedding ceremonies in Kashmir.

Territories of Jammu and Kashmir

The state of Jammu and Kashmir can be broadly divided into three regions, namely Jammu, Kashmir Valley and Ladakh.


The Jammu region is located on the North Indian plains near the Shivalik mountain ranges. North of the Shivalik, the rest of the Jammu region is drained by the Chenab River, whose vast catchment area includes several narrow valleys extending deep into the Himalayas.

Jammu is about 305 meters above sea level. The best season to visit this region is from October to April. Jammu is famous for its ancient temples and palaces.

Bahumata is the main goddess worshiped by local people in Jammu region. Tours and travel arrangements can be easily made to visit this region.

If you are interested in visiting the Jammu region, there are many affordable accommodation options for tourists.

Kashmir valley

The Kashmir valley region is famous for its picturesque natural beauty and is known among other things for its Dal Lake which reflects the surrounding snow-capped mountain peaks.

Kashmir valley region tours and excursions include visits to the region’s most interesting tourist attractions, such as the Mughal Gardens, floating vegetable and flower markets, and a unique experience of staying on a houseboat.

The valley is known for its fresh apples and the intricate embroidery done on traditional garam kurtas for both women and men.


Ladakh region is the largest of the 10 provinces of the state of Jammu and Kashmir. Physical features that characterize the region are its uplands, barren, barren rocks and plateaus.

River Indus flows right through Ladakh. The capital Leh is famous for its adventure sports. The region is famous for Leh Palace and Namgyal Tsemo Gompa Monastery.

Lifestyle of people of Kashmir state

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