Biography of Goswami Tulsidas

Tulsidasji believes that he has given divine darshan to Shri Rama and has received the blessings of Hanumanji. It is with the blessings of Hanumanji that he has composed Ramcharitmanas and Hanumanji told about Lord Rama. Biography of Tulsidas Name: Goswami Tulsi DasSurname: RambolaBorn: 1511 AD (Samvat 1589), Rajapur, Chitrakoot DistrictDied: 1623 AD (Samvat 1680), in […]

Biography of Shri Rama

Lord Vishnu was born in his seventh incarnation as Lord Sri Rama, whose main objective was to rid the earth of sin by killing Ravana and reestablishing Dharma. But in the form of Shri Ram, he set such an ideal that every incident in his life became an inspiration for us. If we analyze any incident […]

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