Gita saar

In the Battle of Kurukshetra, the battlefield of the Mahabharata, the greatest crusade of the Bhagavad Gita’s teachings, Lord Krishna gave the essence of the Gita to his disciple Arjuna – also called the Gita Sara.

Today more than 5 thousand one years have passed but the message of Gita is still the same in our life.

Because what is the concern? Who are you afraid of in vain? Who can kill you? The soul is not born, it does not die.

What happened happened for good, what is happening is happening for good, what will happen will also be good. You do not repent of the ghost. Don’t pace the future. current running.

What happened, you cry? What did you bring, what did you do? What was made of you that was destroyed? You won’t get anything, take what you want. Jod, gave it over. He who took, took from (God). Which did, him.

Hands down came and hands down went. What is today, was yesterday and will be tomorrow. You can understand it. Only this happiness is the cause of your sorrow. Change is the law of the world.

You understand death, it is life. In a moment you become the lord of another crore, but in a moment you become poor. Mine-yours, small-big, your-alien, remove from your mind, then you belong to all, you belong to all.

Neither is that body, nor is your body. It is made of fire, water, air, earth, sky and will be found in it. But the soul is fixed – then what are you? You submit to your God.

This is the best pill ever. He who accompanies him is always free from fear, trouble, grief. Whatever you do, God offers it. By doing that experience eternal life-free bliss.

Gita Preaching in Mahabharata

There are two main epics in Gujarati. This is also one of the holy scriptures of Hindus. Today we give you our In this article we will talk about the teachings stored in Srimad Bhagwat Gita.

The best battle of Mahabharata Your Lord Krishna gave Dharma something to Arjuna in Mahabharata, it was easy for Arjuna to win. Srimad Bhagavad Gita will deliver teachings.

If the Gita or teachings of this great book of Hinduism will be useful in your life, then it can cross the bed of a person’s life.

Along with that, the great book Gita has preached the reality of life and human religion. It often happens that our problem does not get solved or we suffer a lot during the tribulation again.

many people

I am sitting with you or I was running away from my problem, as written in Gita, this sermon solves all problems in a pinch and we teach the art of living. .

Arjuna gained enlightenment by listening to Lord Krishna narrate the teachings of the Gita (Gita) to Arjuna in the battle of Mahabharata.

That Gita’s teaching is not for Arjuna present on earth but for all and that teaching is also a battle mantra to achieve success in people’s lives by a method.

Let’s know about the Gita Saar, if one calms down the innermost mind, it helps to lead a successful life –

Human body is permanent and soul is permanent:

In the verses of Gita, Lord Krishna described the human body as just a piece of clothing. It means that a garment changes in every soul. That is, the human body, a temporary garment of the soul, changes in every birth.

The idea is that we should know a person by his soul and not by his body. Those who mark the body of man or do not understand the inner mind of man, for whom this teaching of the Gita is very instructive.

Life is the only truth and death:

In the Gita, Shri Krishna says that it is necessary to know the cycle of birth and death of every human being, because human life also has one truth and that is death. A person is born in this world.

One day leaves this world and this is the unchangeable truth of this world. But even this does not mean that every human being is afraid of his death.

That is, fearing the immutable reality of human life destroys man’s present happiness. So don’t be afraid in any way.

Anger should be controlled because anger destroys a person:

Lord Shri Krishna has said in the Gita or Upadesh that ‘Anger was born and understanding was destroyed by illusion. When wisdom does not work, logic perishes and the person perishes.

In this way everyone should control your anger, because it also creates fear. Many times people act in haste, you do a lot of damage. On the other hand, if anger is not controlled, a person takes many wrong steps.

That feeling of anger was created in the human mind, while the brain also allows a gap between right and wrong, so the human always has to remain calm to avoid the dangers. Judged by anger, the human being has a deep reach.

Your deeds cannot leave a person:

Sri Krishna has written in the Gita saar that no one can leave your Karma, which means that people who usually live in Karma cannot be removed by any means.

On the other hand, if this karma is also missed, devotees from both sides increase. And nature compels the person to do karma. A person who wants to escape from karma.

He leaves it karam from above but it is the mind that burns it. As one’s nature was, it does your karma accordingly.

Viewing Man:

Gita Saram has written the message of looking at man, the wise person is wise and sees karma as a form, that is ka najriya saathi.

And because he was an ignorant man, he could not see the error of any knowledge.

Insan should control your mind:

The Gita saar has a message for those who do not control your mind, people like them, the mind wanders here and there and for them it acts like an enemy.

The mind also has a profound effect on the brain of a person when the mind of a person is correct then his brain is also working in the correct way.

Calculate yourself:

It is also preached in the book Gita Sara that man should first estimate himself and know his capacity.

‘Self-knowledge or ignorance should be cut from your heart by the sword. Until a man knows about himself.

A man should believe in himself:

In Sri Madh Bhagavad Gita Sri Krishna preached that every human being should have full faith in himself, those who believe in themselves surely achieve success. At the same time, as one believes, so it becomes.

Do good deeds and do not desire fruit:

This teaching of Gita saar is very instructive for those who do not do karma and already think about its consequences.

I Shri Krishna has said that a person remembers your good karma and should not think about what will result from it.

So worry the human being in such a way that there should be no place in your mind that what will be the fruit of his karma or that he will not be happy after doing any work.

That means while doing karma one should not worry about the result of it and should be free from worry about any work.

The restraint of human senses is the essence of karma and knowledge:

It is obvious that human beings do not have the same state of mind in happiness and sorrow. In happiness man becomes more excited and in sorrow he becomes uncontrollable. So yoga also says that this man’s mind is in the same state in both happiness and sorrow.

On the other hand, when a person pursues worldly desires without desiring the fruit of any work, then that person is said to be situated in yoga.

And the person who subdues the mind is becoming his greatest friend, but the person who does not subdue your mind is becoming his greatest friend.

There man subdues your thoughts, attains his divine nature, and for the man who attains enlightenment, happiness and sorrow, cold and heat and honor and dishonor are all the same.

Man attains the divine through knowledge by subduing the fixed mind and senses.

Have full confidence in yourself and try to focus on achieving your goal:

If one follows this teaching by Geeta Sar in his life, even determination he can become a successful person. People who strive for the beginning of your goal with full faith.

It definitely achieves your goal, but a man must constantly think to achieve your goal.

Stress Avoidance Message:

Lord Krishna has said in Gita saar that people should stay away from stress, because stress makes a person successful.

Prioritize your work and do it first:

In Sri Madbhagavata Gita Sri Krishna preached him to give priority to your work first and try to complete your work first and work in second people who don’t do your work first and do other work. Way people often live.

People are gods of victory, all are manifestations of the same God:

Lord Sri Krishna has also preached this in Srimad Bhagavata Gita. That they are all forms of the same God. People who worship different forms of God and believe in different powers.

It is necessary for such people to know that all are the Vibhutis of the same God. The good qualities and vices of man are equal to the power of God. All are the same God, or Vibhuti. Someone worships a peepal there. So, no mountain, no river, no ocean.

There are many gods and there is no end to them. People worship the gods and goddesses of their faith in different forms but all are manifestations of the same God.

A complete Yogi believes that one who truly meditates on God’s mind-

Lord Shri Krishna also preaches in the Gita saar that those who worship God with true heart and engage in your complete devotion to God are considered complete yogis.

On the other hand, one who worships the all-pervading, inconceivable, formless, imperishable, immovable form of God and remains in the same spirit under the control of all his senses in all circumstances, is properly settled for the creature, the grace of God. It is raining on him.

You say that in the battle of Mahabharata in Gita Saram Lord Krishna tells Arjuna that O Arjuna, stabilize your mind and free your intellect too. In this way you must always dwell in Mujma.

If you cannot do that, it can be generated by the practice of bhakti-yoga to attain Me. Thus for me Karma has become my attainment form-achievement.

Mind your work and find joy in your work:

People who put their mind to their work and find happiness in their work are determined and successful.

On the other hand, there were many people who tried to solve the task by simply putting the burden on someone else. . Such people do no work and stay behind in your life.

‘Anything more than that can be for a man to be great:

In the Gita saar Krishna also says that any kind of extravagance for the farmer can be considered as Sri. We should never ‘overdo’ any relationship, be it bitter or sweet, happy or sad.

Maintaining balance in life is very important. Unless there is a balance in savings in a man’s life, a man will have to do more than he should and it will not be possible to keep him alive by creating a balance in life.

Don’t be selfish:

Sri Krishnane Gita Saram People learn a lot through this teaching, people who don’t pay attention to the other side and I mean people never live well.

You can tell if a person’s selfishness pulls them away from others or forces them into negative situations. The walker is left alone. At the same time, it is also said in the Gita.

That selfishness is like dust on a mirror, due to which one cannot see his own reflection. Selfishness is necessary if you want your life to be happy.

You take your selfishness out of your selfish man friends to never come to you.

Always God supports man:

You have often heard that no man is his own God. Gita saar It is also said that God always supports human beings.

When a person respects this powerful truth, his life changes completely. Srishti Ishwar is also the creator who is running all the worlds.

On the other hand, man is a puppet of God’s hand, so man should never worry about your future or past. Har supports God in every dire situation and gets him out of trouble so we all should trust God.

A habit of relaxation causes human suffering:

Genes are possible or habitual in people or people who are more likely than necessary. For such people, Shri Krishna has said in the Gita that seek the absolute truth or habit will cause human suffering.

Suspicion is a habit that erodes even the strongest of relationships. At the same time it is true to have curiosity, but to search for the whole or even then becomes due to human suffering and after human penance.

If you have also preached in Lord Shri Krishna’s Dharma Shri Madbhagwat Gita, then you can give success in your life, then it is certain that you can be successful in your life.

Gita Saar These teachings really play an important part in creating a successful life for you.

Gita saar

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